Why Having No New Raid Is Good For House Of Wolves

The new expansion for Destiny, House of Wolves, has been out for two weeks now, and I already wrote a post and a video with my first impressions. Since I was out of town I only got to base my initial response on the very short experience I had with the first few missions. After playing a good amount of The Prison of Elders and, surprisingly, even The Trials of Osiris, I have some concerns about the future of the title and the engagement levels with the game. Keep in mind this is after my first impressions were almost entirely positive and my claims after the reveal that this DLC was a huge step forward for the game. This post is going to be more big picture, and I will have future posts about the specific pieces of the content. The first problem I discovered was that a lot of the new and cool rewards are only available in the PVP portion of the expansion. If you want people to play PVP, then Trials was the way to do it: introduce a highly competitive, limited availability, and very high risk mechanic. And again, it has to be stated that PVP is not what this game was originally sold on, which is why the numbers of low PVP engagement made sense. To be clear, I have no problem with Bungie trying to reinvigorate PVP, but this is not the way to do it. The other reason the split reward pools is a poor decision is because of how lopsided the content is.

‘Destiny’ House Of Wolves Gets May Release Date, Official Trailer

But it was never really clear what the heck was going on beyond those airy concepts. How are the Guardians revived and who are they? What the heck is the deal with that royal family living in the space junkyard?

As an expansion pack, ‘House of Wolves’ requires the base ‘Destiny’ game and neutralizing much of the incentive for the daunting Vault of Glass raid. Unfortunately, Bungie elected to not offer matchmaking for the Prison.

With it will be a new raid, new strikes and of course new gear. Thanks to leaks we’ve already seen a small hint of what House of Wolves will have in store. The Reddit user responsible for many of the leaks, Megamanexe4 , also correctly predicted the expansion’s release date, so the leaked information seems legitimate. Players will be journeying once more to the Reef for the raid simply called “The Arena.

House of Wolves will supposedly include three new story missions revolving around the Awoken Queen’s Fallen warriors. Those Fallen have revolted against the Queen, and it looks like it will be up to Earth’s Guardians to bring them to justice across missions taking place on Earth and Venus. PvP lovers will also be getting plenty of new content to enjoy in the form of new multiplayer maps.

And of course there will be plenty of new gear to enjoy, some of which can be seen here. According to leaked information about the expansion, House of Wolves will be raising the “light level” cap for players up to 39, a huge step up from the previous expansion. We’ll just have to wait and see if that turns out to be true.

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May, PoE is a 3-player co-operative mode featuring players vs environment. There is a level 28 event as well as levels 32, 34 and

Destiny’s latest expansion House of Wolves slightly improves on its not providing matchmaking for the raids and has reached a compromise.

Click here to see the full gallery. With House of Wolves , Bungie aims to bring a bigger, more rewarding competitive experience to Destiny. In addition to three new Crucible maps plus an exclusive fourth map for PS4 and PS3 owners , Bungie is shaking up the formula with more loot and more activities for high-level players. PS4 and PS3 owners will get Timekeeper, a close-quarters battleground set inside a mysterious Vex device amidst the arid dunes of Mars.

Black Shield is a medium-sized map set on Phobos. Across the board, Bungie is laser focused on making Crucible matches more rewarding. Not bad!

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Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC is coming next month. Bungie has Bungie Explains Lack of Matchmaking for Destiny Raids. Bungie is speaking out about.

Our team has been humbled by the reception of Raids in Destiny and we are creating a new Raid for a release later this year,” said Bungie. Instead of a new raid, House of Wolves will introduce a different type of endgame content with a new cooperative battle arena, the Prison of Elders. It will be “focused on variety, replayability, and skill,” according to Bungie.

The description suggests that the Prison of Elders could resemble a wave-based “horde” mode. The calendar will begin April 22 with a walking tour of The Reef and details about the upgrade path for legendary and exotic gear. On April 29, Bungie will reveal the Trials of Osiris and show live gameplay footage of its endgame gear. The Trials of Osiris is rumored to be a three-on-three Clash event in the Crucible.

The Prison of Elders will be the focus of the May 6 stream, while an unannounced event is planned for Friday, May 8. For more, check out the expansion’s prologue below. Search News Search web. Samit Sarkar.

Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves

Clipping Error discuss why they think having no new raid is actually a very good thing for the second Destiny expansion, House Of Wolves. They go through what they believe is wrong with the raids and what they think is better than them in the next expansion. Then you say that the new modes they are going to implement “sound interesting” so you use that as a way to justify not having a new raid???? Am I getting this right??? Good God

Destiny players have conquered every challenge developer Bungie has thrown Activision announced today House of Wolves will be releasing May 19 on all With it will be a new raid, new strikes and (of course) new gear. such as improved matchmaking, more vault space and protection for your gear.

Subscriber Account active since. But following the game’s launch in September, a lot of criticism was hurled at Bungie: There was no real story to speak of, it was too repetitive, there was limited matchmaking, and there were plenty of game-breaking glitches and questionable design choices. Fans were, in a word, frustrated. Some fans stuck with Bungie — to the tune of over 3 million people as of October They kept playing the game, exploring the world and cherishing the game’s positive elements while holding out hope that Bungie would fix some of the major issues from the laundry list of bugs and head-scratching design decisions.

And in recent months, Bungie has delivered for those fans. The addition of the mobile vault lets players swap out armor and weapons from other characters — without ever needing to open the game. You just need a smartphone or computer. Since then, Bungie has tweaked aspects of the multiplayer experience by making ammo more scarce and thus more valuable, it’s expanded players’ vault space for storing weapons and armor, and it’s even added support for colorblind players by improving color-driven gameplay elements.

And on Wednesday, Bungie revealed the motherlode of additions coming in its second expansion pack, “The House of Wolves,” coming May Among the additions, including new weapons, gear, and game modes, are several changes that “Destiny” fans have been craving for a long time, including a way to exchange all materials, and the ability to upgrade all weapons and gear to the maximum cap: This will allow for much more style variety in the game, since players could previously only choose specific pieces of armor if they wanted to reach the maximum level, thus making most players look alike.

The thing is, these changes would not have happened were it not for the “Destiny” community speaking up on Bungie’s forums and on the “Destiny” subreddit.

A Wolf at the Door: Destiny’s creative director on its second expansion

Everything about expansion two for Bungie’s “shared world shooter” Destiny makes sense to me. The changes to the competitive multiplayer portion of the game we reported on last week give PvP, for the first time, a proper endgame. The new upgrade system means any Legendary or Exotic weapon and armour piece can be made level 34 – without it losing progression. And the new Prison of Elders arena mode, revealed by Bungie today, is a cool twist on wave-based fighting and a lot of fun for three-player Fireteams.

Destiny getting new social space in the Reef with House of Wolves (News Destiny). 5 years, 5 Matchmaking for Raids is not yet available. Destiny player solos.

With the feedback from the original launch and the first DLC pack, The Dark Below, Bungie has been constantly evolving the game through updates to ensure the game keeps delivering the best experience for players. House of Wolves represents all the strides Bungie has made thus far in Destiny, delivering a really quality expansion with plenty of new things for our Guardians to do, shoot and loot. This hub world is packed with everything a Guardian could need, from a Cryptarch to a postmaster.

Xur even visited in the first week. After visiting the Reef Hub, you meet with Petra Venj and Variks, two new mission givers that see you embark on a short series of narrative missions across the Earth and Venus. Quite refreshingly, these segments use sections of the world rarely visited, as well as a few new components, to stop it feeling like a repetition of the past. Chasing down the Fallen leader Skolas across the planets was quite a compelling narrative, exploring the fall of the tribes and the different groups that make up one of the forces of darkness.

Destiny House of Wolves Leaks – NEW Reef Social Space, The Arena Raid and More!