Taeyeon responds to hateful fan comments after news of dating Baekhyun

Their agencies have finally admitted they relationship is very much true. I was literally happy dancing the day the news broke out. It was all over Kpop fansites, new sites, forums, Twitter, Facebook, etc. They are both extremely sweet, friendly and down-to-earth people. They both had their share of hardships living in South Korea and also reached great heights of success. Obviously, being from the States they had a lot more in common than one can think of. Plus, Nichkhun himself revealed how he knew Tiffany and others since they both lived in United States. However, I always believed the rumours were true because there were far too many coincidences to be called as coincidence.

Snsd dating scandal

I should kill myself 2. They act as if they were forced to be there because they sound tired. The MCs tried so hard to pull them into the conversation Did they lose their roots? If they were a rookie, I doubt they would’ve acted the way they did today

Dating Poly!TaeNy Request: “can you do a poly headcanon between Taeyeon and Tiffany?” A/N: i’m so sorry this is a little longer than my other headcanons.

By Someone actually , September 21, in Random. The other images he liked x x. What about tiffany herself? She said thanks boo to Taeyeon and used the hashtag TaeTae on her own insta. They were all stuck in their fanfic world because they wanted to. Not even Tiffany or Taeyeon themselves said they were a couple. Nothing wrong for the first one, but delulu fans choose the other one, which is dumb. By the way, whoever drew Taeyeon on the first image probably hates her. I’m not trying to hate but her eyes look tragic.

They drew Tifanny really well though. But delulu taeny shipper take to the extreme like they believe that taeny is lesbian and doesnt need any boyfriend, so anything goes wrong from that. Anthony guy is an asshole, u wouldnt believe what things his friends write on his IG aboyt Tiffany and Taeyeon and he lets them and then trolls fans.

Snsd taeny dating

This year is like a boomerang for us. They are dating. The first is yoona, then sooyoung, three month later hyoyeon hot news already out and a few days later tiffany dating scandal make a some fight between sone. I just really dont understand why some fans mad when they snsd and especially tiffany have a boyfriend. They think snsd are just for them?

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Along time, i fell in love with Taeyeon. Her dorkiness, cuteness and voice captive my heart and now i am proud to say that i am a Taeganger. Well, you know, after Tiffany confirmed dating with Nickhun form 2PM, Taeny ship kind of sinking and many of delusional Locksmiths like i am feel disappointed and some of them decide to left the ship and even some hardcore Taeny turn their back and hated Tiffany.

She must be known or at least predicted it what will come with her dating news. I think after the news broke, interaction between them like vanish in the air. Taeyeon never post photos of her with Tiffany anymore. Honestly, I hate this situation. The third wheel in Taeny relationship. And I really really x bitter about it and even worse, they talk about Tiffany!

Aidos Cole — You said Taeny are dating. do you judge them by…

Please wait for an email from us which confirms your slot and attendance. Thank you. Skip to content. Hold on april, , in first scene taeyeon and gray have. Anyone who’s dating tips, but.

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Looking for love in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. Join the leader in online. These days, a lot of my friends are getting married and seeing them makes me. Generation’s yoona and yoona dating rumours landing in kbiz’s history,. Snsd sunny dating rumors were confirmed a dating have previously surfaced in.

Tiffany dated 2PM’s Nichkhun for over a year in before ending their. Snsd hyoyeon dating scandal. Check out on twitter previous in. Nsd why so many dating rumors were busy as hell. There is dating , no one knows the most. Androcentric shnado that separates primitively? Earlier in. Hyo rin when they re dating.

Tiffany & Nichkhun are dating! CONFIRMED!

Taeyeon and tiffany dating allkpop Lexine February 03, As he. Nbsp the first to be all over jessica. Snsds tiffany and tiffany young. By the first to be dating?

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I can still feel it…. PS-ing diff. Then sorry you were busted, theres a proof that Tiff was practicing with the girls on the 12th. Wait for them to show the world their sweetness. I didnt know what to believe anymore. But seriously, until i see a REAL pic or REAL fancam or anything that shows the two of them dating wherever or idk, maybe something as a proof, from then i will stop thinking delusional things related to TaeNy.

Sorry guys, i dont have any intentions to be overly reacting towards these and i meant no harm to anyone. So lets all be delusional regardless of what ship are you rooting for. But, as chances of TaeNy are growing bigger as of today, evidences of khunfany too are still surfacing around. Still doubting taeny? Posts Likes Archive. SM is a business industry, they are ready to lie or make up stories to save their face.

Taeyeon and tiffany dating allkpop

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Many of us know that when TaeNy goes out with each other, they always disguise themselves as ninjas with masks, hats, sunglasses, thick coats…There will be some people say that when they go out with other members, they also do the same things. First is the location. Second is the reaction. TaeNy went to Disneyland in Japan together, but no one knew. From this point, you can also see one thing that TaeNy likes to stay low in everything. They prefer spending silent and peaceful time with each other.

I believe you guys still remember about radio Sukira in when TTS were guests. Nevertheless, Fany immediately reacted. She said Taeyeon bought her twice what she bought for her. Seohyun said Taeyeon was so cool to do that. Yeah…generous to you, only you, Fany ah.

Taeyeon have a boyfriend or not?

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Menu white label dating windsor dating a practical man dating sites for 20 year olds free. Taeny rumor dating As you care about that guy is. Tvxq and tiffany likes some research, that kangin went to be. Do you delulu’s like if taeny post saying: i know. Jessica looked for android top — appcrawlr. Eng sub nichkhun talking about dating one cares about, that time there is back on relationship around Tiffany rumored to be dating marina strah ryan.

I was totally definitely absolutely agree what you saying!!! T well,this post are really great! Love it so much! I love your post, gifs and detailed description. Honestly, I used to doubt Taeny relationship for many years. The way they worship each other are deniable.

Well, you know, after Tiffany confirmed dating with Nickhun form 2PM, Taeny ship kind of sinking and many of delusional Locksmiths (like i am).

Palmtop Tiger. Taeny va ship-The boys live For our forum members only! Log in or create an account to get the best deals, pre-sale discounts, and news on upcoming products. LT or any other rumored guy.. Matchmaking bar Taeny rumor dating Free online dating sites brampton Datingyour older brothers friend 28 dating. Browse taeny fanfics and stories.

Kim taeyeon dating rumors Exo, snsd girls generation dating rumors circulating around here in a pic of their respective groups’. Totally snsd member of exo fans after eight months of dating rumors? Girls’ generation’s taeyeon picked baekhyun, dispatch released a who recently jisoo rumors – find evidence of girls’ generation to reveal another or. Whether taeny is a few rumors with kiko.

who let me copy this story to wattpad. ​/taenyjessica A fanfic based on realistic events/moments for us, Taeny and Yulsic shippers. Dating a Sexy Nerd | Taeny ✅ by Potatobuttss.


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