European Wine Bloggers conference in Izmir, Turkey. Are you as confused as I?

Blogs can be an indispensable way to learn insider information about life as an expat. Some serve as travel guides, others as news sources and some simply provide whimsical ways to while away the day. To discover Turkey from the comfort of your computer screen, check out these great blogs that do the country justice! Inside Out in Istanbul is a blog belonging to Lisa Morrow, a sociologist and writer from Australia who now lives in Istanbul but first came to Turkey in and has spent extensive time in Central Anatolia. Her blog provides valuable cultural information on Turkey, advice for foreigners, interviews and personal accounts of life in Istanbul as an expat. Annie Onursan is a chef, artist, author and British expat who returned to Bodrum 30 years after first discovering it, to move there for good. Her blog provides personal insights on life in Bodrum as well as posts on travel and food and has recipes too. Their blog is about adjusting to the expat lifestyle in Izmir, traveling around Turkey, international adoption and being young parents. They also previously had a podcast by the name of “FunkTravels” that has 50 episodes to peruse. Travel, food and spectacular imagery make up the captivating blog West2East, which was created by two U.

Discovery from a foreign eye: Best expat blogs on Turkey

Thanks to its diverse seasons and fertile lands, every corner of our country is home to many delicious flavors. The Aegean region is also a part of this with the Aegean dishes having an exclusive place both in national and international cuisines. And the first thing that comes to mind when one says Aegean is İzmir, one of the biggest cities in our country.

Ünder Architects converted an existing industrial space into the new offices for Turkcell, a telecommunications company located in Izmir, Turkey.

Select the location in. You must provide value for at least one of the fields marked in red. The longest transit time to ship a container to Izmir is the route Las Palmas – Izmir, with an average of 26 days. The next longest routes are Santa Cruz De Tenerife – Izmir, with an average of 26 days and Algeciras – Izmir, with an average of 24 days.

The shortest transit time to ship a container to Izmir is the route Barcelona – Izmir, with an average of 4 days. The next shortest routes are Pamplona – Izmir, with an average of 4 days; and Zaragoza – Izmir, with an average of 4 days. At iContainers, you can find routes for sending containers to Izmir. Here are the top 5 routes:. Shipping to Izmir ocean freight moving shipping. You must fill the fields marked in red.

Origin of Shipment.

Concerts in Izmir

Discover 5-star service, a prime city center location and luxury amenities at Renaissance Izmir Hotel. Set in the vibrant city center of Izmir, Turkey, our modern hotel is situated directly on the waterfront, steps from the iconic Kordon promenade. Our stylish hotel offers elegant accommodations with sleek, marble bathrooms, hour room service, plush bedding, and floor-to-ceiling windows- many with city or water views.

European Wine Bloggers conference in Izmir, Turkey. the add-on events would start at a certain date at hours GMT sharp; sounded like.

Are you as confused as I? I have. I started to look at the planning for the event prompted by the ominous message that registration for the add-on events would start at a certain date at hours GMT sharp; sounded like either military planning or as if they are expecting an avalanche of inscriptions. Perhaps you too have started to look at how you should plan your trip. There are pre-trips, post-trips, seminars, conference programs well, actually, there is no conference program at all published , dinners etc etc.

I found it quite a challenge to get a good overview of how it is all planned.

Love and marriage in Turkey

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Find tickets to all live music, concerts, tour dates and festivals in and around Izmir. Kenan Dogulu. Izmir, Turkey. Davood Mohammadi. Emre Ogden. İzmir Arena , Izmir, Turkey.

Mahir Çağrı

Izmir’s coastline boardwalk is known as the “Kordon. The cafes lining the whole strip are all around you and you can even pick up a cup of tea from one of these cafes to go and relax in the grass as you drink it. Izmir is a more relaxed city than the hustle and bustle of Istanbul, and relaxing along the seaside is one of the pleasures afforded its residents. Gather some friends and look out over the Aegean and people passing by and really just enjoy the atmosphere of this great city. Boyoz is a Turkish pastry that you’ll pretty much find exclusively in Izmir.

Stay at Renaissance Izmir Hotel, set on the waterfront in the city center of Izmir, Turkey. Enjoy our rooftop dining, luxury spa and modern accommodations.

Get an unrestricted access to all the blog and those extraodinary functions that can help your business grow in a continuously changing industry. While the project accommodates office functions; it also has A master plan was created evaluating the existing possibilities and opportunities for both floors at the very beginning of the design. On the first floor, a spine wall which was designed so to include all office needs such as kitchen, cloakroom, copier, printer and storage by dividing the space.

On the spine wall surface, for different operational rooms, coatings in different colors providing acoustic comfort were used, with a good combination of acoustic timber and natural greenery. As each office can be pretty crowded, we aimed to strengthen the sense of belonging and the creation of identity in each area. Meeting rooms, lounge and seminar halls, independent from the walls and ceilings, were designed as floating boxes with different materials and colors, aimed to break the uniformity of the existing structure.

These units are considered to be open to shared spaces within easy reach of all offices, while providing human scale with different ceiling levels, with the idea of creating space within the space. For acoustic comfort, a floating system was been established, independent from the current ceiling and acoustic and lighting elements.

Current Local Time in Izmir, Turkey

Formerly known as Smyrna in the history books, the Izmir Peninsula includes the main city centre and a splattering of scenic coastal resorts. It is the third largest metropolis in Turkey, yet holidaymakers and tourists to the country often overlook it in favour of Istanbul. However, a new trend is rising, and Izmir is gaining traction as an ideal city break destination.

The list of things to do in Izmir cannot match the Byzantine and Ottoman iconic landmarks of Istanbul, yet it offers suitable alternatives that are as just as enjoyable. Even though Izmir is a large city, its unique characteristics are immediately noticeable to first-time visitors.

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From a point of origin in the western part of the city, accessibility to jobs within 45 minutes of travel time improved substantially after transport investments in İzmir, Turkey. The previous Map of the Month showed the power of accessibility data — comparing average travel time to different services in Mexico City — as a proxy to understand inequality in cities. But similar analyses can also help us to understand how infrastructure and service choices can change or have changed accessibility in a city.

For example, WRI Ross Center looked at how changes in transport options have changed accessibility in İzmir, a city of approximately 4 million on the Aegean coast of Turkey. In , the International Finance Corporation wanted to assess the performance of recent transportation investments in İzmir, including its own. In response, WRI conducted an accessibility assessment of port improvements, new ferry boats, new tramway lines, and new metro cars and compared them to a scenario with no new investment.

We carried out point-to-point analyses for specific neighborhoods, to discern different impacts for different areas. The number of jobs accessible from the same point expanded even more within 60 minutes of travel time. We also assessed the impact of new investments on reliability of the service. Using the same point of origin, the chart below shows that the length and variability of travel times to job opportunities, represented by the narrower vertical width and higher sloping curve in the investment scenario as compared to the baseline scenario, declined.

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A Roman sarcophagus containing a gold diadem was discovered during construction in Izmir, Turkey. Workers came across the stone coffin when digging a foundation in the historical district of Konak and reported the find to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. A rescue excavation unearthed the sarcophagus with lid containing human remains, fragments of ceramic and fragments of a gold diadem.

The crown was removed for study and conservation while the sarcophagus was fully excavated in situ. It has not been radiocarbon dated yet, but archaeologists believe the sarcophagus and remains are from the 2nd century A.

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