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In an intensive two-day workshop, each author drew upon their own first-hand experiences of being writers in different genres thereby crafting a stimulating learning experience for budding writers. The programme, which featured Samita Mishra, a documentary filmmaker and writer, trained students to shape their ideas with a special interest in media. Lavanaya Kartik, a famous illustrator, made the students travel the world of imagination and art and helped them draw pieces for different poems and stories. Chatura Rao and Devika Rangachari mentored students for journalism and historical fiction on women. Be an author of great learning and do your best. We all go wrong but the greatness lies in forgiving yourself for all your mistake and learning to follow your roots.

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This time she has teamed up with Limerick man Kenny, who has carved out a reputation as a fine actor as well as a comedian. Booking at , online at tht. The Oireachtas awards are the leading prizes in in Irish-language literature for children and adults and have three categories. They include the novel Ar Strae by well-known Galway author, Patricia Forde, which is is the first fictional depiction of the Direct Provision system.

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Early on in my semester studying abroad, I decided that I wanted to stay an extra month in Costa Rica after everyone from my program had left. I lived with a woman named Cecilia, with whom I became very close. When the last month came, I was excited to be on my own, and farther outside my comfort zone. The first extra day I spent after everyone left, that bubble popped. They stayed for dinner, and afterwards Kevin and I chatted about different places to go in Costa Rica.

Though I was resistant, Kevin managed to convince me to hang out with him a couple more times. He was cute.

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A blog of Torah thoughts, poems and other random odds ‘n’ sods. For tag cloud click here. Sorry, the comments moderation for this blog is very clunky – if you want to ask me a question, better to use the contact form. The woman, says “That’s all? I can do that! The matches are not successful, and they return with bruised eyes and broken legs.

Roger’s affection for Abi and invites him over to the house in a fit of matchmaking. In a romantic mood Susan recites the poem Ben wrote for her when they first.

Michelle works to develop Circles with older people living in the community in Doncaster. Part of her role involves matching volunteers with opportunities to get involved. In her most recent blog she talks about the challenges of matching volunteers and how to alleviate the frustration they may feel when waiting for a match. Circles in Doncaster is set in the community with older people who live in their own homes and want to get out and about more as they have become socially isolated or feel lonely.

With this in mind, we held a focus group of volunteers, some who had been with the project at the beginning and a new volunteer. We learnt that some volunteers were willing to do more to support the project to make the changes it requires to continue to grow. We know that it is frustrating to wait for a match, so we are now having discussions with volunteers about what they may like to do whilst waiting. We found that some volunteers may benefit from a break from the one to one volunteer role as their Focus Person may be in hospital or respite.

We are forging links with Doncaster college and WEA which gives us exciting opportunities to do different activities and bring like-minded focus people and volunteers together. This also enables volunteers to do things side by side with their focus person so they are seen as equals in their relationships. In recognition that the project is growing, we need to consider the sustainability of the project and look at ways that volunteers can support one another.

We are hoping to do buddy ups with other volunteers and focus people in area groups in the hope that they can build a network of support and friendships. We are looking at other ways of matching volunteers and one of the ways we are doing this is to invite unmatched focus people and volunteers to our get together social events which we are having on a monthly basis. We recently did this and found that a volunteer, who was adamant about the area she wanted to volunteer, actually changed her mind after meeting someone at our event.

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Dating poems. Ranked poetry, and authors. A man who a dating is an unnecessary evil.

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Many Tears are delighted to announce a new initiative called Millionhairs Match Maker which we hope will help us match people with the right dog and the dog with the right people. The location and age at the top of this page are not relevant so please do not think this only applies to dogs of a certain age or location. We have a small team who will log requests from people who have not found a suitable dog on our website.

The potential adopters will need to complete an application form and the team will attempt to find a potentially good match for them within 4 weeks. If they do, the applicant will be contacted and, if they are interested in the dog that has been suggested, their Match Maker application will be transferred to that dog. The application will then enter our normal adoption process and our usual criteria and vetting procedures will apply.

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A picky year-old from Mumbai whose unwillingness to marry raises his mom’s blood pressure. A headstrong year-old lawyer from Houston who says she doesn’t want to settle for just anybody. A cheerful year-old Guyanese-American dancer with Indian roots who simply wants to find a good person to be her husband. These are some of the singles on the new Netflix original series Indian Matchmaking , a reality TV show about arranged marriages in Indian culture.

The show follows Sima Taparia, a professional matchmaker from Mumbai, as she jets around the world, quizzing clients on their preferences, handing them “biodatas” for potentially compatible mates that’s the term she uses for what seem to be a cross between a resume and a dating profile and ultimately introducing them to prospective spouses. The eight-part series, which premiered on July 16, follows the participants as they navigate awkward first dates and meetings with the families of their matches.

It became popular almost instantly in the U. Indian social media are flooded with memes of Taparia’s one-liners “Ultimately, my efforts are meaningless if the stars are not aligned”.

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Motion poems started with animator Angella Kassube and poet, Todd Boss. Angella approached Todd after a poetry reading and said she would love to animate one of his poems. It took me half a second to say, Sure! Within a week and a half she came back with all of these cool drawings and ideas. Motion Poems began as a self-funded collaboration between a poet and an artist, then branched into a matchmaking service for artists and poets to connect and collaborate.

Motion Poems.

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For the month of July, Lifeology is launching our third SciComm Challenge , a monthly fun challenge that scientists, science writers, artists and anyone else can participate in to improve their science communication skills in a variety of formats! What is a science poem? Through poetry, people can process and interpret scientific information in novel ways that better connect that information with their own existing knowledge, values and emotions.

Not only that, but writing science poetry can help make you a better science communicator! My own journey into science writing Paige speaking started when I was 12 years old with creative steam of consciousness writing in response to artwork, and free-form poetry writing. Do you have some tips to help me get started?


Below are the all-time best Matchmaking poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of matchmaking poems written by PoetrySoup members. Member Area. Word Counter. RUTH expression of love Ruth,a lovely lady of Moab, Nearly always picked up the tab; Gav her mother-in-law a helping hand, Emigrating back to her distant homeland; Naomi quickly returned the compliment, Matchmaking bing Read More.

Name: MatchMaker. Breed: MatchMaker. Age: 4 Years Gender: Male Adoption Fee: See below. Location: In Foster in. Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

At the turn of the 21st century, literature continued to be written in Yiddish but its secular reading audience was shrinking. Some ultra-Orthodox Jews still used Yiddish on a daily basis, but they seldom read literature from outside their own circle. New journals, local Yiddish clubs, Yiddish and klezmer festivals, and the Internet , however, generated a great deal of enthusiasm for Yiddish. In spite of the declining readership, a small but active literary scene continued to evolve in the United States and Israel.

The works by ultra-Orthodox authors existed in a separate sphere. Naye vegn and Toplpunkt , mentioned above, are two Tel Aviv-based journals that publish works by both new and established authors. Most encouraging for the future of Yiddish literature are the contributions by writers such as Moshe Lemster, Michael Felzenbaum, and Velvl Chernin. These authors, and many of the other active Yiddish poets and fiction writers, are emigrants from the former Soviet Union.

In he moved to New York and became editor of the Forverts. In , under the name Heershadovid Menkes, he published the first of three books of short fiction set mainly in 19th-century Lithuania. Kobi Weitzner, editor of the Yidisher kemfer , was also a writer at the Yiddish Forverts. Yiddish culture clubs around the United States supported the publication of books by poets such as Sarah Moskovitz and Troim Katz Handler; these writers sometimes printed their poetry in bilingual editions or accompanied it with transcriptions into Roman characters.

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